Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dry Needling Relieves Muscle Pain & More

in this article by Dr. Axe! 
Relieve Muscle Pain & More with Dry Needling
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Included in this article:
- How Does Dry Needling Work? 
- Dry Needling vs Wet Needling vs Acupuncture
- What is Dry Needling Able to Treat?
-Top 3 Needling Benefits:  
(1) Reduces Pain (2) Improves Movement (3) Speeds Up Recovery Process
- and much more!

Please take the time to read about Dry Needling in this article 
& then give Katelyn Pertile PT, DPT a call at (307) 871-1693 
to find out how a Dry Needling Appointment with Pertile Physical Therapy and Wellness 
can help you return to activities that you love!   
Guide to Dry Needling
Dry Needling vs 'Wet' Needling vs Acupuncture Photo Credit:

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